So the real, uncensored, and more wild than ever reason I have not posted for a while is because of a special week coming up in three days that I like to call "finals week." Even though I am only taking half as many finals than I usually do due to the glory of dual-enrolling (my university classes ended before break), I still have been fairly busy studying for finals and not studying for finals (i.e. tennis, programming, research, life).

In actuality, I have probably been doing more stuff in the "not studying for finals" category than in the "studying for finals" category, perhaps because of my affinity for being timely and thus studying for finals over break or maybe because my CS teacher told me I do not have to study for his final to do well and because I am always ready to tackle physics problems, meaning the physics final should not be difficult. Subtracting physics and CS from the mix, only Biology is left to study for. But don't worry, I have gone through the trees of packets my teacher has given me and feel fairly confident that I can do well on our multiple choice final (i mean come on, everyone knows the answer is always C). Before going on, I would just like to say that despite my biology teacher's best efforts to plant trees every year, I do not think it is good for anyone or anything (namely, the environment) when he religiously gives us packets of information each week in lieu of reading our textbook, which weighs more than me! Honestly, we have only read three chapters out of the 57 chapters it has. Anyway, I am now going to end my tangent on hurting the environment.

To add to the "not studying for finals" category and to the downside of dual enrollment, my differentials class at the university has started (before the high school semester has ended and right before finals). So far, however, it has been quite interesting. This is one of the first math classes that I have taken that has truly taught theory and applications of the theory side by side (not surprising as it is an engineering class) and so I have found it very enjoyable. In addition, even before class started I had already won some brownie points with the professor since he had come to my high school the year before to talk to my adv. calc class about fourier series. So while it usually takes weeks for a professor to find out I'm in high school, he found out the very first day and was delighted to hear that I had attended a lecture of his. Too bad I no longer need any recommendations.

This basically sums up my week of studying for finals, not studying for finals, and unfortunately not blogging. In other news, though, Intel STS results come out next week. While I expect not to become a semi-finalist because 1700 people apply and only 300 are selected, it is still nice to look forward to something in the near future. I'll post on that next week.

I hoped you enjoyed my first long post in a while and have a good weekend. Adios!