I just returned from Denzel Washington's new movie "The Great Debaters." It was amazing. Very amazing.

This movie chronicles the story of three African American students in the 1930s at Wiley College. They discover within themselves a talent for debating and begin racking up win after win, putting them on the map. Eventually after much coercion, Harvard College actually allows them to come and debate. Much to everyone's surprise, they come and dominate, defeating the best debate team in the country. It is truly an inspirational movie that shows that anyone can triumph with hard work and determination (sorry for sounding so cliche...I can't help it).

One of the highlights of this movie was seeing scenes of Harvard's beautiful campus. They shot in the summer there at Memorial Hall, a gorgeous auditorium (see picture above). Students at Harvard got to see Denzel and hundreds of extras that camped out in tents and sleeping bags, hoping to earn a spot in the movie.

Anyway, this movie is one of few out there that actually leaves you feeling happy and moved as you leave. I encourage all of you to see this excellent production.

On a side note, I just discovered my biology final is going to be all multiple choice and I am stoked. No fill in the blanks. No essays. NO ESSAYS!!! I'm gong to bed now so that I can wake up early and study (yes, I am still going to study even though the test is multiple choice). G'nite.