Ok, well more like one acronym and one word! But w/e...I'm soooo glad I was selected because frankly who would have thunk I had a chance with my recent string of bad fortune (intel x.x). It all started with me nearly dozing off while reading my CS text. All of a sudden the phone rang and the ominous "out of area" label appeared on the caller id. I shrugged and figured that at least now I was wide awake and could keep reading. Then, out of the blue, I hear my dad running towards the stairs, yelling at me to come get the phone. I thought to myself, "Self, what could possibly so important?" I take the phone and say, "Hello there."

"Yes, Omar. I am caling to schedule an interview with you for HPME."

"Oh cool. Yesss. Thanks" To myself: "Who rocks, I rock, Who rocks, I rock...oh yeaaaa!"
and the rest is just small details

And that is how I got my interview. I'm not sure how selective this premed/MD program is, but I hope it at least means I am in at Northwestern (I mean why else would they waste their time interviewing me otherwise). Now, maybe I can just get some likely letters and maybe, just maybe, I wills survive until March (did I say maybe?). 

Ok, time to work (aka trick myself into thinking I am working when in actuality I'm not). Adios!