Alright, so it is Tuesday morning in the beautiful windy city. My interview is not for another couple hours, meaning I am frantically preparing last minute notes while attempting to blog. Whaaat? Why preparing so hard Omar for just an interview? Wrong, it is not just an interview, it is three interviews mixed with some sort of panel interview and including a lunch interview. And apparently I have to have an engineering interview on the Evanston campus too, but we'll see about that. I just hope I can answer all the questions in an articulate manner without going all "Ummm ahhhhh ummmm...hold on...ummmm...i need a bathroom break" on the doctors.

Last night was great. I got a wonderful tour of the Chicago med campus by a good friend (and incidentally my old babysitter). She took me throughout the area and stuff. All the students live right in the heart of chicago minutes away from all the awesome places (like Michigan Ave.) in the area. They're too busy to enjoy it though!

I do have some more pics from my room window. The view is not that amazing, but we have a great view of one of the Northwestern Memorial hospitals. Now, if we had stayed in the Westin (they were booked) I would have magnificent views of michigan ave like the one below from the Summer:

Anyway, here are the window views:

I cant figure out how to turn it and I sorta don't want to waste time figuring it out so just tilt your head and walla. That is a view of the hospital. Nice, huh?

Random window view...

Ok so im heading out, so lata!


Hey all. I just arrived in Chicago. A friend of mine is going to be arriving soon to give me a tour of Feinberg Medical Campus. I'm excited about that since I've never actually been to the Chicago campus...only to the Evanston campus. Anyway, I'm really starving. I have not eaten since lunchtime but w/e. I dont think you readers really care. I do have pics of the ride in though! Check it. On and please ignore the blurriness, I was in the car.

Nice pic of the skyline.

Michigan Ave.!!! I love this street, especially since there is an Apple Store on it!

Ok, so I will add more later, but I gotta go. Ciao!