During the past two weeks (aka the vast hole of nothing in my schedule that people call winter break) I have been churning out programs on the USACO training site in a bid to stick it to the man and rack up as many extra credit points as possible. See, in my AP CS class we get extra credit for every program we do. Most people do nothing and so that is why the teacher has that rule. I, however, have taken advantage of the system and currently have 42 extra credit points. I could literally fail every exam and end up with a passing grade, if not an A.

Now, over break, I have done six programs, which will rack me up somewhere around another 12 points before the semester ends. How's that for screwing over the grade system?

As you can see from the title of this post, I'm happy, but not about a having a guaranteed A in AP CS or because I'm Omar. Rather, it is because of a little message I got when I submitted my last program for testing. Normally, it takes me a while before I pass all tests on a program. See the picture below (notice the 38 submissions...i know, it's not pretty.

For this past program though, I got it on one try and received a message that is better than my mother's love. Check it out:

Even though this message probably came from some slave robot that is being forced to test everybody's programs, it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. It's the simple things in life people, the simple things...