I'm back in town now...came back last night. Interviews went well and lasted from 10 am to 3 pm. The people were all awesome and fun. The medical school students were very interesting, especially this M4 student who was getting a master in bioethics. My interview with that student was perhaps my best since we clicked on so many things. We ended up talking about many topics including the ethics behind this wall of deformed fetuses in the gross anatomy lab (the one I had seen the night before because of my friend). It is almost meant for people to point and stare since it is in such a random place and we seemed to agree that it should be used towards educational purposes in a museum setting.

I ended up getting lunch from the Corner Bakery as well so yesterday rocked, except for the fact that I did not get a chance to visit the Apple Store and see the new Macbook Air. That's life I guess.

Now to the good stuff...I DONT HAVE SCHOOL TODAY!!! A blizzard hit last night and is still raging. How great is this? No school yesterday, no school today. This week absolutely loves me. I still have class later tonight though since my differentials class at the university is still on. W/e though, that is not until 4 and I can deal with that. So now, while all you readers go to school, I'm going to chill and possibly catch up on some work.