This blog has reached another milestone! It has finally drawn 1000 visitors and still counting. Check it out at the right. So I believe this requires a celebration. Who wants to throw a party? Just make sure there is a lot of cake and ice cream. Actually scratch that...Make sure there is a lot of ice cream cake!

In other news, I have made my first friend (oh come on, it was bound to happen eventually). See him below:

He goes by the name Will and is definitely the best friend anyone could ever ask for. He never talks behind your back, is always wherever you left him, and listens to you for hours on end. Will never stops smiling and is without a doubt smarter than Newton, Einstein, and any other genius you may think of. Unfortunately, he is shy and refrains from talking. He has indeed proven that God does exist and that objects can travel faster than the speed of light. I hear you skeptics out there saying "pssssshhhh" and "Noooo way," but it is 100% true. The problem is since he is so afraid of speaking to others he keeps all these discoveries to himself. On the upside, though, this makes him the perfect listener and the friend who is always there for me!

Now, all you readers, must think long and hard about whether I am a bona-fide loser and have a stupid head for a friend or if I am exceptionally smart due to my brilliance in befriending a mind that dwarfs even my intelligence in comparison.

If you want to know the real truth behind the all-knowing head, stay tuned. I'll post the mind-blowing explanation to all this madness in my next post.

Before I say "Good bye" to all of you, I just wanted to say I DON'T HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW...OR FRIDAY W00T!! Ok, good bye, and feel free to start signing up for items to bring to the 1000th visitor party. It'll be a blast!