Sorry for the long hiatus...again. I've been slacking from my "blogging responsibilities" because of finals and all around because I'm lazy.

So I guess I have to start planning graduation related stuff, namely my senior recital. I did not really want a senior recital since a) I'm not a musical prodigy (sadly, I wrote my first amazing piece at the late age of 8 as opposed to those other talented musicians, like Mozart who began composing at age 4) and b) I would not have enough material for a long concert (long being an hour). I decided this in the Fall.

Zooming forward a few months, I was coming back from winter break when WHAM I was blindsided by my music teacher with the question "Do you want a senior recital?" I thought about this for a couple seconds, shrugged, and said, "Not really." After much prodding, however, I ended up walking away with the homework of finding a date and having to memorize many pieces (obnoxiously difficult pieces that make fingers bleed). Things are looking up, though, as one of my friends may combine his senior recital with mine and then we will have a decent length recital with lotsa people. It would be like a wedding where his friends come and my friends come and they don't really care for each other, only coming to see their respective friend play (this being the explanation for why lotsa people would come).

So there's your beautiful window into my life for the day. Say, anyone getting sick of 2008 already?