So semester two starts tomorrow. One last semester of pain, late night cram sessions (who we kidding, i go to bed 10:30ish), random lectures, the monotony of going to school, aaaaand of course pot smoking, crazy left wing, vegan hillbilly polar bears. Ok, I may have exaggerated on the last one, but one thing is for sure, this will be a semester to remember (I hope ;-) ). There is also one thing that I will definitely not be happy about...I actually have class at 8:30 now! No fair. During the past month and a half, I've gotten used to having no class until 11:30. You know what they say though...change is good.

Now, to the main topic, only in Japan will you see a woman flip her skirt up and turn herself into a vending machine, a boy transform his backpack into a surrounding fire extinguisher case, and another woman turn her purse into a pothole cover. You think I lie?!?! Would I do that to you? always I have proof riiiiiight here aaaand what you may have already seen above. I urge you to check out the slideshow though. It is really entertaining. So what do you think? Would people even consider this here in the states?